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Nazareth Enterprises began as a small business. Through its founder’s hard work, tenacious optimism and a little luck, Nazareth has grown to be a strong community supporter, employer, and advocate.

Integrated within the DNA of our business model is the desire to serve our communities. This can be seen with the pride of ownership exhibited in our buildings, and in the level of care we provide our residents and staff.

Menlo Park Gas

Menlo Park Gas opened to the public as a Nazareth Company in 2002, and has been a service station in every sense of the word since, providing both affordable gasoline prices and a much-needed convenience store to the surrounding community.


At our peak, Health Care division consisted of nine facilities serving more than 400 residents of varying skill levels.

It was with conflicting-emotions that, after 15 years of proudly serving our Senior Citizens, Nazareth Health Care made the difficult decision to divest of this division.

In considering our retirement from this space, we took painstaking care to identify and vet all prospective suitors, in search of one that we could comfortably pass the baton to, who we were confident would maintain or elevate our standards, and would care for our residents as we did.


True wealth is not found in the bank, but in the service performed for others. Mr. Kardosh purchased the first Ice Oasis as an opportunity to re-develop the property. Instead, he helped reinvigorate a community and found himself wealthier for it!

The Nazareth Ice Oasis was born out of community outcry to save their ice rink. In 2008, with the ice rink financially struggling and on the brink of closing, Nazareth Enterprises stepped in, undertook a comprehensive financial restructure and invested in a complete remodel of the facilities, saving the beloved Redwood City ice rink. Today, Nazareth Ice Oasis hosts birthday parties, summer camps, youth and adult hockey leagues, and lessons for all ages.

Hearing the call to service and in keeping with its commitment to the Peninsula skating community, Nazareth Enterprises has also recently taken on the task of re-opening the long-closed ice rink at BridgePointe Shopping Center in San Mateo. Now open!


The Nazareth family of companies develops community building as a catalyst. Beginning with the economic spark of new jobs, it continues from conception through construction to occupancy.

As a private, closely-held firm Nazareth Enterprises has built a 20-year track record of developing community enhancing projects,. From our very first project, Nazareth Enterprises has been recognized as an insightful creator, transforming a property’s existing use into an ideal for the neighborhood. Our developments have been admired for their design, appreciated for their value proposition, and lauded for their benefit to the communities they serve.

Our goal is the intersection of art and function, delivering well-appointed environments.